Monday, March 2, 2009

101 Things in 1001 Days

My list is complete! I’m so excited about getting started. While I think I have a good list here, I reserve the right to make changes along the way. I will keep you posted as I complete my different goals.

I hope you have thought of making a list too! And as you will see, I like my lists like I like my closets, ORGANIZED. But everyone's list is different. Format yours however you like. Or don’t format yours at all (I promise I won’t judge you). Send me the link to your list. I would love to check it out!

So without further adieu….
PositivelyAnna’s 101 Things in 1001 Days
Start date: Monday March 2, 2009
End date: Monday, November, 28 2011

47 down, 54 to go

Adventure and Travel
1. Be the skipper on Dulcinea for a sail (1/1)
2. Go to California again (1/1)
3. Go some place tropical for vacation during the winter (0/1)
4. Go to a state that I have never been to before (1/1)
5. Go on a trip outside the US with my dad (0/1)
6. Fly first class (0/1)
7. Plan a vacation with the HBB (0/1)
8. Go on a vacation, just me and Matt (0/1)
9. Visit Ben in Colorado (0/1)
10. Sail a boat other than Dulcinea (1/1)
11. Invite 4 or more friends to Maine (1/1)

The Arts
12. Complete a drawing a month (2/33)
    -  Happy Valentine's Day
    -  Christmas Gift Tags
13. Buy a piece of original art (0/1)
14. Draw a portrait of my grandfather (0/1)
15. Give someone I love a piece of art I created (0/1)
16. Go to a symphony (1/1)
17. Go to an opera (1/1)
18. Take Alice to a musical on Broadway (0/1)
19. Go to a country music concert (1/1)
20. Attend a dance performance (0/1)
21. Go to a concert with Jack (1/1)

Being a Positively Better Person
22. Let Matt try to teach me how to play chess 2 more times (0/2)
23. Watch or read the news for a half hour everyday for a month (0/30)
24. Volunteer to work with homeless people (0/1)
25. Give over $100 to a charity that helps children (25/100)
26. No cursing for 1 week (0/1)
27. Volunteer 8 times a year (3/24)
     - How the Post Office Almost Stole Christmas
     - Volunteering 2
28. Volunteer in another state (0/1)
29. Send thank you notes at Christmas, birthday, etc.
30. Send a care package to a friend (0/1)
31. Start a history journal (1/1)
32. Do something to improve my French (0/1)

33. Create a logo for PositivelyAnna (1/1)
34. Take a writing class (1/1)
35. Post every weekday in a month (1/1)
36. Submit a piece to an online publication (0/1)
37. Submit a piece to a printed publication (0/1)
38. Receive at least 30 comments on one post (0/1)
39. Get a professional photo for PositivelyAnna (1/1)
40. Backup all posts 2 ways (0/2)
41. Go to a blogging panel or conference (0/1)

Finances and Work
42. Get a promotion that includes a title change and a raise (1/1)
43. Open a 401K (0/1)
44. Save 2 months pay (1/4)
45. Do something great at work (not sure what this will be but I’ll let you know when it happens) (1/1)

Fitness and Sports
46. Do 1 unassisted pull up (0/1)
47. Go surfing again (0/1)
48. Bike the length of Manhattan (1/1)
49. Run 10 consecutive miles (1/1)
50. See the Red Sox play at Fenway (1/1)
51. Do a split (0/1)
52. Take a dance class (0/1)
53. Workout 6 days of the week, 5 times (3/5)
54. Play a whole round of golf (1/1)
55. Go skiing (1/1)
56. Workout before 10 am everyday for a week (1/1)
57. Run in 4 charity races (0/4)

Food and Drink
58. Buy a slow cooker (0/1)
59. Plant herbs and use them to cook (1/1)
60. Choose a favorite wine (white and red) and be able to explain why I like it (0/2)
61. Be a vegetarian for 1 week (1/1)
62. No alcohol for one month (1/1)
63. Buy and use a spice rack (1/1)
64. Make homemade pasta (0/1)
65. Make a pie from scratch, including the dough (1/1)
66. Cook a dish that includes tofu (1/1)

Health and Beauty
67. Get broken capillaries removed from cheeks (0/1)
68. Meditate for 10 minutes a day for a week (1/1)
69. Buy and learn how to apply bronzer (1/1)
70. Get a mouth guard for sleeping (1/1)
71. Improve my teeth through straightening or whitening (1/1)
72. Wear my hair down everyday for a week (0/1)
73. Keep my eyebrows groomed for a month (1/1)
74. Wear sequins skirt (0/1)
75. Go to the dentist (1/1)
76. Floss everyday for a month (1/1)
77. Try a detox (1/1)
78. Buy myself a nice piece of jewelry (1/1)

New York, New York
79. Get a New York drivers license (0/1)
80. Vote in a local NY election (1/1)
81. Visit the Met, the Guggenheim and the MoMa (1/3)
     - McQueen Exhibit
82. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge (1/1)
83. Visit the 4 other boroughs (2/5)
84. Go to the Botanic Gardens (1/1)
85. Write and post a review on Menu Pages (0/1)

86. Start or join a book club (1/1)
87. Read 10 books I haven’t read already from the Modern Libraries 100 greatest books (3/10)
88. Read every article in an issue of the New Yorker, Vanity Fair and The Atlantic (0/3)
89. Read a graphic novel (1/1)
90. Find out each family member’s favorite book and read it (2/5)

Sorting Out My Life
91. Change all light bulbs to CFL bulbs (0/?)
92. Clean out or throw out college laptop (1/1)
93. Completely paperless billing (1/1)
94. Throw out any socks and underwear that I would be embarrassed about wearing if I got hit by a car and had to go to the hospital (0/2)
95. Organize I-tunes (0/1)
96. Put all pictures in photo albums (0/1)
97. Do all dry cleaning (0/1)
98. Get stuff out of Dad’s basement (0/1)
99. Organize a friends closet (1/1)

101 Things
100. Do at least one of my 101 things with my mom and do at least one thing from her 101 list with her (2/2)
101. Put away $10 for every task I complete. Use money to complete tasks on my next 101 list (0/101)

Today's song is Van Morrison's Bright Side of the Road. Enjoy!


  1. wow anna. that is admirable.

  2. I love this. You may have just inspired me to do my own.

  3. "If you would not be forgotten as soon as you are dead, either write things worth reading or do things worth writing."
    - Benjamin Franklin

  4. anna, very inspiring. it's good to put it down on paper (in your case, blog). holds you accountable :) and helps you keep track! love it!

  5. What a great idea. This is something I will be looking into because I had a general resolution this year to be more positive, but maybe I should take a closer look at what it would take to make that happen. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Great list. I am gonna follow your blog because our 1001 days ends on my 40th birthday. Good luck....!

  7. If you want a museum-visiting buddy, let me know. I'm in!

    (I found you on Maggie's site - she mentioned one of mine in the same list as yours. I figure we're neighbors of some sort - I live in Brooklyn.)

  8. Hi Anna, I found your list through Maggie ( #48: Bike the length of Manhattan, is a must.

    I lived in Manahattan for 2 years before relocating for work. I was so morose, I made a mini-NYC bucket list... including walking the length of Manhattan, tip to tip.

    For straight shooters, the trip is 13.4 miles. Wearing comfortable sneakers, we opted to map out our route based on things we wanted to see along the way. This resulted in some zig-zagging which equated to about 23 miles total. It was a long day, but an amazing experience!

    Be sure to take pictures :)


  9. Hey, I found your list through Mighty Girl. I have been working on one of my own as well, and it's been really fun reading everyone's. They're all very inspiring.

    I also live in Manhattan, and I'm a professional photographer. I noticed one of your goals was to have a professional photo taken for your blog, and I just wanted to say, I would be happy to do a little photo session for free to help you knock that off your life list. My website is here: Anyway, just wanted to throw that out there!

  10. Anna,

    I love your lists! Thanks for sharing a link to your site on my life list. I can totally relate to a lot of these goals. Also, if you're in the WV, we're neighbors! I'm in Chelsea.

    Since you appear to have sailing experience, any suggestions on where I can go in nyc to learn how to sail (it's an item I'd love to tackle this summer)?

    Also, if you ever have a piece to submit you want to submit to an online publication, let me know. I have a few contacts.



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