Saturday, October 2, 2010

101 Things in 1001 Days: #50

When I was born in New Hampshire in 1982, there was no Red Sox nation. Just a bunch of sad Red Sox fans. And then after the Bill Buckner debacle of 1986 there were a lot of depressed fans. The only good thing about The Curse was that you could get tickets to Fenway. I went a bunch of games as a kid and loved it. But since the Red Sox started winning, and then finally won the World Series in 2004, Sox ticket have become hard/impossible to come by. As a lifetime fan, going back to Fenway was one of the first things I added to my 101 list.

I was so excited when my best friend Mandy invited Matt and me to a game. I was pumped to return to Fenway and also to show it to Matt for the first time. Because the only baseball fields I have been to in the past few years are the gargantuan City Field and Yankee Stadium, I forgot how classic and intimate Fenway is.
We had an absolute fabulous time at the game. We got rowdy with the rest of The Nation.
Drank Sam Adams and ate sausages from the Sausage Guy.
A perfect night at the perfect park. Thanks Mandy!

Song of the Day

When Papelbon runs on the field to close out the game, every speaker in the stadium blares Dropkick Murphy's Shipping Off to Boston. And even if you didn't know you were a Red Sox fan, you feel an energy run through you and you have to stand up and cheer with the rest of the crazies.

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  1. I remember when your mom and I took all of you to a few games. One when we were lost and listening on the radio and there were back-to-back home runs and Ben was furious! Dana and I went to five games this year, including one in Colorado, and did not see one win! Still fun.


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