Tuesday, August 4, 2009

101 Things in 1001 Days: #54 Part 2

Click here if you missed the first post about my golfing adventures.

My second day of golfing went much better than the first. We were on the third hole of the day, a par three, which had a MASSIVE water hazard smack in the middle. I looked at the hole with dread as I couldn't see how I was possibly going to get over a stupid lake. So I teed up high and, following the advice Matt's uncle who teaches 8 year olds, just wound up a little. I hit the ball on my first swing (an accomplishment, believe me). The ball shot off the tee but only about a foot off the ground and I wasn't surprised when it headed straight to the middle of the water hazard. But then, as if my ball had been kissed by the golf gods, it skipped twice on the water, ricocheted off a rock and landed on the fairway, a foot away from the green. Still a novice to them game, I did not completely appreciate what had happened until I turned around and Matt was staring mouth open at my magical ball and his dad threw his arms up in the touchdown sign. I then jumped up in the air and shouted (they really like when you do that on golf courses) and we all highfived several times and laughed our butts off. My hit was named Play of the Day and eventually was elevated to Play of the Week.

Song of the Day
Here is Carole King's Where You Lead, for the Gilmore Girls fans out there.

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  1. Supreme choice of song. I was watching Gilmore Girls as I read your blog and something about it just felt right...


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