Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bad Boss?

Do you hate your boss? If you do, I’m sorry. I’ve had some really horrible bosses in the past. And it is the worst! I’m lucky enough to have a wonderful boss these days (For the record: She doesn’t know I have this blog, so she will never read this, so I’m not being a kiss ass).

For those of you who despise your boss, for those of you live in fear of your boss, for those of you who think your boss is the biggest idiot face of all time, you are not alone! In fact there is a whole website dedicated to idiot faced bosses just like yours. Things My Boss Has Said is a compilation of hilarious/impossible/bizarre things that people have heard their bosses say.

I know that posting mean things about your boss on a website might not be the most Positively wonderful thing to do but I figure it is better than you calling your boss an idiot face to his/her idiot face. So check out the website and you won’t feel so alone. EVERYONE has been there.

Matt said that I have been playing too much country lately, so I let him pick today's song. Please enjoy My Morning Jacket's Off the Record.

1 comment:

  1. I hope I was not one of those bad bosses from your past.


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