Tuesday, November 13, 2012

TED Tuesdays: What Stories Look Like

Evidently we are supposed to judge books by their covers.

Chip Kidd provides a hilarious and interesting insider's-look into the world of book design.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Life List: Record Every Book I Read.

I've started keeping a book journal. The goal on my Life List is to record every book I read, with a quote. When I was abroad in Scotland in college I read a lot, and kept quotes from those books in a journal. I like looking back at it, remembering what books I was interested in then (strictly classics) and what passages spoke to me (quotes about heartbreak and healing). 

For my new book journal a purchased a Moleskine Book Journal (evidently there are enough geeks like me out there to warrant something like this to be mass produced). I have recorded the two books I recently finished, Louis de Bernieres' Birds Without Wings and Chris Cleave's Gold. I recommend both. I'm currently reading Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl.

Several friends from Camp Mighty suggested keeping track of my reading on Goodreads. Because I can't pass up the opportunity to buy a new notebook, I've decided to keep a handwritten book journal and also start cateloguing on the website. Goodreads is a great place to find book recommendations, and see what your friends are currently reading.

So, what are you reading?

Interesting Links:
- My Moleskine Book Journal. Be sure to check out the other products in Moleskine's Passions line. There is something for everyone, even winos.
- Maybe you are more interested in peeking at someone else's book journal. Check out Book Lust, which provides recommendations by mood, occassion, and personality. 
- Or how about a journal made out of a book? I spy a Christmas gift. 
- Become my friend on Goodreads

Monday, August 27, 2012

A Red Red Weekend

I had a very red weekend. Red seemed to be everywhere, being beautiful, tasty, and whimsical.

We went to the Union Square Farmers' Market on Saturday, or should I say the Union Square Tomato Market (Ha! Nice one!). Every stand was brimming with tomatoes in every shape and color. We scooped a bunch of juicy plum (pictured above) and San Marzano tomatoes.

Being that it was the height of the tomato season, and we weren't hungover, we decided to tackle the Scarpetta Spaghetti recipe on Saturday. This dish requires a few helpers (lots of peeling and crushing) so we had a bit of a spaghetti-making party. I know being invited to a dinner party and being forced to peel tomatoes isn't the ideal evening for any New Yorker, but this sauce is so damn good everyone was happy to pitch in, plus there was booze. You have to try it! Get your localvoring ass to the nearest farmers' market, pick up some lovely tomatoes, call some friends, get them drunk, and get cooking! Here is the recipe.

On Sunday, Matt and I headed towards the Hudson for a little picnic. One of the piers that has been turned into a park was sporting some new, Mario Brothers-inspired sculptures (pictured above). Yayoi Kusama created the installation, called Guidepost to the New Space. I was enjoying the piece until I saw the signs that warned not to "climb, sit, or play on them." Hmmm...interesting putting them in a place where people go to climb, sit, AND play. Come on Yoyoi! What are you new!?

So what color was your weekend?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ted Tuesdays: Optimistic Young Bastards

As I'm very new to the institution of marriage, I've been doing some research on how to make our new union strong and lasting. One of my favorite resources is TED. These dudes know an H of a lot more than I do about everything.

In this week's featured TED video, relationship expert, Jenna McCarthy, provides some deep and insightful ideas for a good marriage, helpful for an optimistic young bastards like me.

Monday, August 20, 2012

I'm Back and I'm Married!

Hi! Man, I've been MIA for a long time. My absence can be 100% attributed to the fact that I've spent the past year planning a wedding. It was certainly a labor of love, but Matt and I were both unpleasantly surprised by how much time and energy wedding planning takes.

So now that the wedding is over, I'm very excited to be back. I can't wait to tell you all about the wedding, progress on my Life List, and my Year of Inspiration (more details on that to follow).

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

TED Tuesdays: The Best Stats You've Ever Seen

I had the NewsHour on in the background as I was preparing dinner last night (Man, I'm turning into my parents). The show had very little of my attention, until a voice cut through the clutter of the negative campaigning currently going on in Florida. I voice that was fast, upbeat, and energetic. I turned to the TV to see a segment on Hans Rosling. Rosling is a statistician who has developed a method and software for explaining the world's economic and health situations. Sounds like a real hoot, don't it? But it is actually very interesting and very accesible, which is Rosling's goal.

Check out his TED Talk. I promise you will entertained and enlightened.

Song of the Day

Please enjoy the B52's "Roam."

Friday, January 20, 2012

The One-Upper

Harry Potter Club Team Meeting at Harry Potter Exhibit.

Me: I wish a new Harry Potter book was coming out today and that I could go home and read it
Amy:  I too wish a new Harry Potter book was coming out today.
And when I went to the bookstore to buy it, Daniel Radcliffe was signing copies.
And when I gave him my book, he signed it with "I love you" and his phone number.
And then I called him and we sat together and he read me the new Harry Potter.
And then when I looked in the front cover there was a hole cut in the pages.
And the biggest diamond ring ever was in it.
P.S. Now we are married.

Such a one-upper!

Song of the Day
We haven't had any Abba here in a while. Please enjoy "Mama Mia."

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Shaking My Fist

I was tricked, I tell you! Tricked! I’ve been shaking my fist at my friend Becca ever since we got accepted into the New York City Half Marathon. A while back I said that if she wanted to do a half marathon I would join. But that is the kind of crap we all say to each other...I didn’t think it would actually happen!

At the beginning of December, Becca IM’ed me in a panic saying that the registration for the race had just opened, and we had to sign up NOW or we wouldn’t get in. I’m always happy to get worked up into someone else’s frenzy so I signed up immediately without looking at the details of the race. Once I had submitted my information I looked took a deeper look. WHAT!? The race is on March 18th!? (the fist shaking started here) That means we will be training outside throughout January and February. I’m a bigger fan of colonoscopies than I am of running outside in the winter.

Ok ok, lets all take a deep breath. Maybe it will be fun. Maybe running in 10 degree weather along the Hudson with my lips chapping and snot steaming across my cheek will be enjoyable. But all joking (and most bitching aside), this run will be a great challenge for me. Running a half marathon is on my Life List, and I want to trim down for the wedding.

Becca, someday soon I’ll stop shaking my fist and join you for a run. And maybe, MAYBE, after the race is over, and I’ve stood up from the fetal position I plan to take at the finish line, I’ll thank you. 

Song of the Day
Please enjoy Cake's "Going the Distance."

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

TED Tuesdays: Nurturing Creativity

Happy New Year! After taking a long break from this blog I'm back with a revived commitment.

I thought we could get back to TED Tuesdays. Today's presentation comes from Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of Eat, Pray, Love. If you haven't read it, I urge you to check it out. It would be a great read to start off the year. Her talk is inspiring, funny, and thoughtful. Enjoy and tell me about your favorite TED talks.


Song of the Day
Please enjoy Janelle Monae's super catchy "Tightrope."
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