Friday, March 6, 2009

Earth Hour

WWF is sponsoring a program known as Earth Hour, which was originally started in Sydney in 2007. The idea is that people everywhere will turn off their lights for one hour to let the world’s leaders know that we are concerned about global warming. What attracted me to this idea was that I’ve heard countless people say that the little things they do won’t make a difference. Well when everyone does just a little thing it adds up to a huge impact! They estimated the 50 million people participated in Earth Hour last year. They shut off the Golden Gate Bridge for goodness sakes! That is pretty amazing and impossible to ignore.

The goal for 2009 is 1 billion people shutting off their lights. I think this would be a truly amazing thing to be a part of. So I’m pledging to shut off my lights for 1 hour on Saturday, March 28th from 8:30-9:30 pm. Will you join me? Oh come on, it’s not that big of a deal. It isn’t like I asked you to shut off your TV for an hour. And I know it is on a Saturday night but everyone knows drinking in the dark is more fun anyway (KIDDING!) Click here to learn more about Earth Hour and register to pledge your hour.

Because I know you guys like when I match the song to the post, today's song is Bob Marley and Lauren Hill's Turn the Lights Down Low.

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