Life List

Travel and Adventure
Go on a safari
Go sailing in the Mediterranean
 Hike Cadillac Mountain to see the nation’s first sunrise
Go to the Olympics
Fly first class
Go with my dad to Scotland
Vising my mom in Mexico
Go to Colorado
Go to Paris
Go to Alaska
Go to Italy
Swim with the bioluminescent in ME
Go on a hot air balloon ride
Do a canopy zip line tour
Ride a bike in seven countries
Go to the Imperial War Museum in London
Go on a very well researched vacation
Go on a spontaneous, un-researched vacation
Go skinny dipping at least once every 10 years
Camp on an empty beach
See the Grand Canyon
Hike in seven different countries

The Life I Want to Live
Own a dog
Host a Thanksgiving Dinner
Become a mother
Have a stress free wedding (or try our best)
Own a home
Grow a garden
Live in another country
Take Alice to a Broadway show
Spend a weekend with just my brothers
Live in a place where I can walk around outside in bare feet
Own a small amount of farm animals
Create a green household
Live in a house with a skylight in the kitchen
Own a boat
Live in a place with a hammock in the yard

Sporty Spice
Take sailing lessons
Ski from a helicopter
Learn how to swim laps
Do a triathlon
Do a pull up
See the Red Sox play the Yankees at Fenway
Coach a soccer team
Take a dance class
Try rock climbing
Own a bike
Go horseback riding
Try dogsledding
Go skiing out West
Go sailing with just Matt
Run a half marathon

Career and Work
Find a blogging mentor
Get published
Own my own business
Redesign Positively Anna
Find out if I want to organize professionally or just as a hobby

Making the World a Better Place
Volunteer in a developing country
Increase support and awareness for Dining for Women
Make someone’s dream come true
Support a homeless organization
Get certified in CPR
Create a Life List how-to kit
Support a mental illness/suicide organization

Read It and Weep
Record every book I read, with a quote
Buy a Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations
Read a child Harry Potter
Support a literacy program
Read Jane Austen’s major works
Take a literature class

Because I’ve Never Done It
Buy a piece of vintage clothing
Refurbish a piece of furniture
Wear a really amazing Halloween costume
Wear a giant diamond necklace
Have my energy read
Take care of my 401k
Make homemade pasta
Take a photography class
Get some balls and dye my hair
Host a fancy ladies brunch
Take a picture of myself on my birthday each year
Leave someone a big tip
Learn how to paint a wall
Learn how to open a champagne bottle without worrying I might kill someone or myself
Give a great toast
Throw someone a surprise party
Give a great Just Because gift each year
Go to a Gospel church or concert
Take a make-up lesson
Find the perfect perfume
Learn how to give myself a good manicure
Host or attend a fancy Oscar party
Learn a foreign language
Invest in something or someone I believe in
Walk on a runway
Buy an antique piece of furniture
Create an awesome photo wall

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