Thursday, June 24, 2010

Happy Second Birthday!

Today marks PositivelyAnna's second birthday. I can't believe we are two! I've spent the day reading all the posts from the past year and what a year it has been. I've compiled my top favorites.

10. HOLY SHIT! IT IS IN THE HOUSE! That bird gave me two gifts. The first was providing me with a great little story that I will probably tell at dinner parties for the rest of my life. The second was not shitting all over our apartment.

9. The Shem Women's Group I picked this post because I love the pictures so much. These women experience hardships most of us can't imagine and yet they radiate joy.

8. 101 Things in a 1001 Days: #4 - My Trip To Portland here here and here This was such a great trip. You should book your trip to Portland now. No! NOW!

7. Surprised I Didn't Ruin The Surprise I would say I picked this post because it reminds me of my sweet friends Liz and Kyle. But I see those jokers all the time so I didn't need any reminders. I picked this post because of a comment I received. It is a well-known part of being a blogger that sometimes (or all the times) you will receive nasty comments. Because of the mild nature of my blog and that it is relatively unknown, I hadn't received any. I was feeling left out! Until I got this hum dinger from screaminscott:
Believe it or not, some people don't like being suddenly thrust into the center of attention unprepared. Perhaps they had other plans. Perhaps they wanted a quiet evening at home. Perhaps they had a sleepless night and they are tired. Or perhaps they just want to be in control of their destiny instead of being forced to plaster on a fake smile and act grateful for the imposition of having to entertain a bunch of people for the entire evening. I hate surprise parties. If anyone ever threw one for me, I would turn around and walk out.

I LOVE this comment. It really makes me want to find this sceaminscott, throw him a surprise party, watch him scream "I want to be in control of my destiny!" and then walk out.

6. The Other Peas in my Pod I picked this post because I'm getting better at writing "big posts." Maybe that mean I'm maturing. I sure hope not.

5. 101 Things in a 1001 Days: #62 Giving up alcohol for a month was more like an experiment in how much not fun I could have in 31 days.

4. The Big Race! Here, here, here, and here. Also here. Oops! And here. Clearly the race was one of my favorite things of the year because I wouldn't freakin shut up about it.

3. A Great First Impression As it is about two of my favorite things in the world, New Boston and the 4th of July, I thought I should include a post about the glory of both of them.

2. 101 Ideas for Your 101 - Making my 101 list has been one of the best things I've ever done. I hope I inspired a few of you to start your own. The full list of 101 ideas: Seasonal Items, Getting Giving On Your List , Grab Your Passport, My List Don't Cost a Thing, Can't Pick Your Family,
Reading, Writing and Arithmetic, To Your Health, It Is a Dirty Job, A Little Adventure, Why The Hell Not, and The Best Inspiration

1. Big News! I chose a post about moving in with Matt as my Number 1 because it is the best thing I've done this past year. Also because of all the wonderful support and encouragement I received for all of you. I really do appreciate it!

Here's to the third year of PositivelyAnna. I hope it is filled with surprise parties, champagne, and not bird shit.

Song of the Day
Because it has turned into a bit of a tradition, today's song is The Way You Make Me Feel.

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  1. Happy 2nd birthday to your blog! And have a good weekend!


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