Saturday, March 13, 2010

Portland Part 2: Mount Hood, You Rock My World

I'm a sucker for mountains. They remind me of New Hampshire, where I grew up. On my first day in Portland, Oregon I stammered at the horizon, pointing wildly at the beautiful, sparkling white mass rising out of the deep green landscape. Becca, gazing in the direction of my frantic gestures told me that it was Mount Hood and asked nonchalantly if I wanted to go. "Can we!?" "Sure, it's only an hour away."

I felt like a little kid on the night before Christmas as I settled into bed on Mount Hood Eve. I couldn't wait! I almost crapped my pants on the drive up to the mountain when Becca pointed out Mount St. Helen. But I slowed my roll, deciding that one majestic mountain would be enough.

Mount Hood did not disappoint! The drive up was amazing and the views from every angle were breathtaking. We had a great brunch at Timberline Lodge. Unfortunately skiing wasn't in the cards during such a short trip but it was still an incredible time. Mount Hood, you rock my world.

I told you it was a beautiful, sparkling white mass rising out of the deep green landscape

Becca happily trapped in Timberline Lodge by a snow drift

Becca having a Sir Edmund Hillary moment

Me loving every second of my time in Portland

Song of the Day

I thought Ain't No Mountain High Enough would be a good song for this post.

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