Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Big Race: Pec Tat

Pec Tat gets his own post because he was our most beloved character of the race.

There was one team that we were neck and neck with throughout the event. Team Wegmans, made up of staff from the grocery store chain. Team Wegmans was nice and supportive and we wholeheartedly cheered for each other. When we were running in the dark it was great to see Team Wegman, because they would assure you that our van was just up the road.

But by far the best part of their team was a dude we nicknamed Pec Tat. Now Pec Tat, named for the tattoo on his pectoral muscle, didn’t wear a shirt the whole race. This got reeeeeal old reeeeeal fast. He also insisted on doing the point-flex move a lot. For those of you who don’t know, the classic point-flex is when you point in a direction and also flex at the same time. Pec Tat did this a lot and not as a joke. This of course slayed us and led our team to point-flex at about everything we saw for the rest of the race.
We also worked in a few bicep kisses as we believe this is what Pec Tat was doing when no one was watching.

Song of the Day

Everyone has a song that gets them pumped up and you just know I'm Too Sexy is Pec Tat's.

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