Wednesday, December 30, 2009

101 Ideas for Your 101: Why The Hell Not

This is your list! Your chance to challenge yourself in 101 ways over the next 1001 days. Here are a few "Why the hell not!" ideas:

60. Write a song

61. Eat something you didn't like as a child but haven't tried since

62. Host a dinner party where none of the guests know each other

63. Start your own business

64. Find the best burger in your state

65. Display something a friend made in your home

66. Display something you made in your home

67. Learn how to play a musical instrument

68. Go on vacation by yourself

69. Get a dog or a fish

70. Plant a tree

71. Give yourself a pat on the back

72. Tell someone all the things you love about them

73. Go to a drive-in movie

74. Invent something

75. Throw a surprise party

76. Finish a game of monopoly

77. Ask someone for forgiveness

78. Forgive someone

79. Have your picture taken in a photo booth

80. Audition for a reality show

81. Blow on a stranger's dice in Vegas

82. Go to a taping of your favorite TV show

83. Swing on a trapeze

84. Take a hot air balloon ride

85. Feel really happy

86. Learn how to change a tire

87. Learn how to toss a pizza pie

88. Knit a sweater

89. Have your palm read

90. Don't say anything mean about anyone for a day, a week or a year

91. Fall in love

Song of the Day
I thought this would be a good time for another list song. Please enjoy You Gotta Be.

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