Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Great First Impression

Some say that Disney World is the greatest place on earth, but they are wrong. It is actually my home town, New Boston, NH!

I took Matt home with me for the first time this past weekend. I was a little nervous as it is in the middle of nowhere with about 5,000 people but my town rose to the occasion. The weather was beautiful which is amazing because it had been raining everyday in New Hampshire for the past month, LITERALLY. The grass was green, the flowers were in bloom and the whole state was in a great mood.

I planned our trip around the best day for my town, the 4th of July! The 4th of July is like prom for New Boston. The town pulls out all the stops and couldn’t look more beautiful! IN FACT, New Hampshire Magazine just named the New Boston 4th of July festivities the Best Patriotic Small Town Event of 2009, calling it a day “when festooned floats wend their way through a flag-bedecked town to the tunes of marching bands.” They forgot to mention the adorable children whose bikes are covered in so many red, white and blue streamers that they are near impossible to peddle. Or the jovial grandmother who plays the spoons with her band with as much energy as she did 20 years ago. Or the champion little league team that manages to wave and hold up their trophy for the entire duration of the parade. Everyone is exploding with town and national pride and always has a great time.

Thanks New Boston! I LOVE YA!

Song of the Day
Clearly the only choice for today's song is John Mellencamp's Small Town.

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