Thursday, December 10, 2009

101 Ideas for Your 101: Grab Your Passport

If I had the money and the vacation days, my list would be 101 Place to Visit in 1,001 Days. But even though we can't spend all 1,001 days gallivanting off to exotic places, we can certainly spend a few days gallivanting to fun places. Gallivanting for one and all! So here are some traveling ideas:

14. Travel to all 7 continents

15. Go to Kalamazoo, Timbuktu, Kathmandu or somewhere else with a fun name

16. Go on a safari

17. Visit the Scottish Isles
- I know this oddly specific but I think the Scottish Isles are one of the most beautiful places in the world. I mean, HELLO!?
18. Drive cross country
- You obviously don't need a passport for this but it would still be bad ass

Song of the Day
Since I typed "Drive cross country" I haven't stopped singing Willy Nelson's On the Road Again.

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