Tuesday, December 9, 2008

12/9/08 - Merry Christmas Paxton!

My friends Kelly and Ben just opened up their home to a new dog! Paxton was abandoned, along with his two sister, on the steps of a nearby veterinary hospital. They hadn't planned on getting a dog but as Kelly puts it "Paxton just kind of found us".

There are millions of animals in the United States and with this economic downturn, many families cannot afford to keep their pets. If you are looking for a pet please go to your local animal shelter. There are thousands of cats and dogs that need a good home and they make a great presents (hint, hint). Check out http://www.iams.com/iams/en_US/data_root/html/Angel/AdoptAPetLanding.html. Iams has set up this site to help you find shelters in your area and will allow you to locate dogs by age, gender and even breed.
Today's song was a recommendation and it is a lot of fun. Please enjoy I'll Be in the Sky from B.O.B.

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  1. Hi Anna - I just wanted to add that people can also go to Petfinder.com to narrow their search for a particular pet/type, and for shelters in the area that they are located. There are always animals that need to be rescued there. Paxton is certainly a handful, but we are so happy to have him in our home! ~Kelly


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