Friday, December 5, 2008

12/5/08 - Reason 210 Why I Love New York

As I have mentioned I live on Wall St. I was walking home from the subway last night and when I was in front of the Stock Exchange I noticed a bunch of people were gathered and music was playing. I took off my headphones and it only took me 2 seconds to realize who was singing. You will never guess who it was!? Aretha Franklin! Holy crap! I couldn’t believe it. She was belting out Christmas Carols about 30 feet away from where I was standing. Her voice is unbelievable. I stood in the rain with about 200 other people and was just blown away. When she was finished she said “I love you New York!” and we all shouted back “We love you Aretha!”. It was very cool. This city rocks!

In honor of the Queen of Soul herself today's song is Chain of Fools. Have a great weekend!

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