Monday, December 29, 2008

12/29/08 - Positively Delicious

I’m back! My apologies for not posting much over the past week. For some reason, when I’m home in New Hampshire my creative juices don’t flow as readily, but whatever juices make me want to eat, drink and sleep constantly overflow.
I would like to dedicate this post to all the wonderful cooks that made this particular holiday so special. I was spoiled with so many delicious meals from seafood chowder and lasagna to roast beef and roast chicken to a broccoli salad that would blow your mind (yup, I just described broccoli as mind blowing…it was that good!) If I were allowed one more Christmas wish it would be that weight gained from eating wonderful food would go to a wonderful place, like my chest or someone else’s butt. But alas it does not. And because I plan on making good on my promise to wear my new Diane von Furstenburg dress for New Years, I’m going to have to hit the gym. BOOOO. But I wouldn’t replace any of the new rolls in my belly for a single bite of all the great food I ate.
As promised I got rid of all the Christmas music on the Song of the Day playlist, well except Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas Is You. People go nuts for this song! Today’s song is Cher’s Strong Enough which is one of my go-to songs when I need motivation to work out. Enjoy!

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