Friday, December 12, 2008

12/12/08 - A True Inspiration

My friend is a physical therapist at NYU. She works with patients who have recently been through a severe trauma or major surgery. She often comes home from work exhausted and frustrated because getting some of her patients to do physical therapy is difficult, even though it is vital to their recovery. But the other day when we met up she was elated, saying “I have a new patient who is a quadruple amputee”. My look of horror made it obvious that I didn’t understand why this was a good thing. She quickly explained that this patient’s attitude was amazing. She is hardworking and incredibly positive. Her story is incredible! Check out this news clip. My friend is the cute physical therapist in the green ;)
Tabitha is clearly an amazing woman and her idea of erasing “can’t” from our vocabulary is advise I know we could all use.

This inspirational story deserves an inspirational song. Please enjoy Garth Brook’s Standing Outside the Fire.

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