Monday, December 8, 2008

12/8/08 - Klutzes and the men who love them

Hello. My name is Anna and I am a klutz. My lack of grace mixed with a knack for attracting bad luck earned me the nicknames “Bonk” and “Spaz” when I was growing up. And while most people say goodbye to their klutzy phase after puberty, mine has lasted into adulthood. So let’s face it, for me klutzy is not a phase, it is a way of life.

I have grown used to the ripped clothes, broken glasses and head injuries over the years but it has definitely been an adjustment for my boyfriend. When we first started dating I think he was afraid that I would fall down a man hole or electrocute him some how. And he was living in constant fear that one of my flailing arms would hit him in the crotch. But he has gotten more accustomed to me over time. Now when I sit next to him he simply guards his drink and/or his crotch and when I ask him why he is doing it, he simply says “You make me nervous” and gives me a kiss.

And I am not the only klutz out there. Just this morning my best friend told me this great story: She and her man were just settling into the couch to enjoy some holiday cocktails that he had whipped up. She accidently kicked the tray of drinks, spilling them all over her boyfriend. Because there was cranberry juice in the drinks she immediately threw his pants into the washer. And because she is cursed, there was chapstick in the pants pocket. Goodbye pants! While her boyfriend wasn’t impressed by the complete destruction of his pants, he is a good guy who knows he as a great girl who will, from time to time, kick drinks on him.

So I tip my hat to the klutz loving men out there. Move your drink, cover your crotch and give your klutz a kiss.

Here’s a song that always makes people happy. Enjoy Cyndi Lauper’s Girl Just Want to Have Fun.

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