Wednesday, December 10, 2008

12/10/08: Morally: Liberal; Fashionably: Conservative

I’ve never been a flashy dresser. When I was showing my mom my new clothes for my first real job, she said “Well, no one will confuse you with the office floozy”. My closet consists of mostly cable knit sweaters, cardigans and button downs. But just because I often look like I have just come from an afternoon of sailing doesn’t mean I don’t dream of fashion grandeur. I look at celebrities and in the pages of Vogue and long for the guts to wear something “fashion forward”. Sometimes I will get up the nerve to buy something that is not from the Gap, Banana Republic or JCrew. Once in college I bought this great sequins mini. It was fierce. And guess where it is? Still in my closet with the tags on it. Shameful!

Well a few days ago I was doing a little window shopping and I got up the nerve to go into a Diane von Furstenberg sample sale. It was jammed packed with angry, feisty fashionistas, which as I explained, aren’t exactly my crowd. I was afraid of what would happen to me if anyone noticed my LL Bean all-weather moccasins (it was cold out!). So I pick out this amazing little dress which, in true von Furstenberg tradition, is covered with a large, vibrant print. It fit like a glove. I was glowing on the walk home. I had just bought my first designer dress (it was a sample sale, remember. I’m not a millionaire). I tried it on for my boyfriend, rejoicing in beauty of dress and exclaiming all the places I was going to wear it. But the longer I stood in front of the mirror, the number of places I would wear the dress started to deplete. “I’m going to wear this dress every single day!”…“Maybe just on Saturday nights!”…“Well maybe just on special occasions”…“Shit! When am I EVER going to wear this dress!” So since I can’t return it and it really is a great dress, I have resolved to wear it on New Year’s Eve. For those of you who will see me on New Year’s, please hold me to this. Because while I’m sure the sequins skirt could use some company, my very first designer dress deserves to be worn.

Today’s song is one that used to pick us up in high school. Enjoy Tim McGraw’s Where the Green Grass Grows.

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