Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Cleanse: Day 19

Many of you have asked if Matt is doing the cleanse with me. I joke that he is doing it because I do most of the cooking and grocery shopping, but the truth is Matt has been wonderful for the past 19 days. Before I started the cleanse I told Matt I was going to need his support. I acknowledged that this was something I was choosing to do and it wasn't going to be much fun. But it was something that was important to me and that I was going to need his help to make it through. And my man rose the occasion!

I’ve said the cleanse has not been as hard as I thought it was going to be and I think a lot of that is because of Matt. He is a better eater than I am. Much more adventurous. And as long as the dish doesn’t taste like poison, he is pretty happy to eat it. He has been willing participant in my adventures in gluten, animal, and sugar free cooking.

One night I became very frustrated with all the things I couldn’t eat and considered quitting the cleanse. I was hesitant to complain to Matt, fearing he would say “well you made a choice to do this" or "No one is forcing you.” But when I did air my frustration, what I got was a warm hug and a “You are doing so great! You can keep it up!” My energy and resolve were completely renewed.

One of my most vital pieces of advice for a successful cleanse is to reach out to your support system BEFORE you start. Tell them that it is important to you and that you would like their help. This will go over much better than you having a break down a week into the cleanse and shouting at the people you love: “You are all against me!”

Song of the Day
Today's is The Rolling Stones' Happy.

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