Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Positively Slacking

I'm sorry. I've been slacking with this blog lately. I made a deal with myself last night that I didn't have to go to the gym if I wrote a few posts. Nice for you. Bad for my ass.

I need to make blogging a priority, which is true of anything that is important to you. It is all well and good to say that getting in shape, or learning a language, or even spending more time with friends and family is important to you, but until you are willing to carve out some regular time to work on those things, you won't see any major improvement. I mentioned that I wasn't sure what I hoped for PositivelyAnna, and I'm still not, but what I do know for sure is that until I make it a priority, my blog won't see much success.

Song of the Day
I heard this song this morning and I thought it was a good match for this post. Please enjoy Whitney Houston's Step by Step.

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