Friday, April 17, 2009

My Birthday!

Guess what!? Yesterday was my birthday! I LOVE my birthday. It is one of my favorite days of the year. I tell everyone it is my birthday. If JCrew made a cashmere sweater that said "Its my birthday!", I would buy it in every color. I understand that some people don't like theirs because it means they are getting older. I get that but I don't think about that on my actual birthday. What I think about is everyone being extra nice to you and presents and dinner with your friends and family and cake...Do I need to go on!?

Some people don't tell their co-workers when it is their birthday. Not me! My officemates gently asked me if they should get cupcakes for my birthday, not wanting to pressure me into celebrating in the office if I wasn't comfortable with that. "HELL YA!" I said. "You should definitely get cupcakes!"
Some people don't like to mention to their server during their birthday dinner that that is what they are celebrating. Screw that! I want the whole wait staff and half of the restaurant to sing and by golly, bring on the piece of complimentary cake!
So thank you to everyone who helped make this birthday so special. It means a lot!
Song of the Day
Wilson Phillips' Hold On is a great song to sing really really loud.

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