Thursday, April 2, 2009

Dining for Women

Last week I went to a truly wonderful event, my first Dining for Women dinner. Dining for Women "empowers women living in extreme poverty by funding programs fostering good health, education, and economic self-sufficiency, and cultivates educational dinner circles inspiring individuals to make a difference through the power of collective giving." Each month, the organization chooses an international women's charity to sponsor. Women all over the US come together for their monthly dinner circle, where everyone brings a dish and the money they would have spent on dining out ($25) to give to the sponsored charity. A simple and wonderful idea.

In March, Dining for Women sponsored Bead for Life, in Uganda. The process of this organization starts with the Ugandan women making beautiful beads out of recycled paper. The beads are then sold in the US at events similar to Tupperware parties. The program helps these women make 5-7 times what they would make working in the local rock quarry, which makes it possible for their families to rise above poverty. It is an incredible program. Please go to the website and watch the videos about these wonderful women. You can also buy jewelry or find out about hosting your own Bead for Life party.

Please also check out . There are chapters all over the country. If you live in New York and are interested in checking it out, please let me know, and I will invite you to the April Dining for Women event.

101 Things in 1001 Days
HA ZAA! = What I feel like saying every time I get to check off my list an item on my list. The Dining for Women event was in Brooklyn so I get to check off one borough. HA ZAA!

Song of the Day
I don't think I've ever played any Billy Joel! Shame on me. Today's song is Scenes from an Italian Restaurant, my FAVE Billy Joel song.

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