Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cooperstown Weekend: Part 2

So where were we? Ah yes....

Cooperstown is a quaint, picturesque town, on the banks of Ostego Lake. Matt and I checked out the shops, cafes and bars. We enjoyed nice, hearty food from very nice servers who were extra pleasant because it is the beginning of the season and they haven't had to serve a million tourists yet. There are loads of bed & breakfasts in the town, but I'm embarrassed to say I reserved us a room at the Best Western. I feel bad about that because I'm all for supporting mom and pop businesses, but I have to be honest, shabby chic makes me anxious. And each bed & breakfast looked more lace filled and froo froo than the next and it really wasn't our style. So I was feeling bad about going with a generic chain hotel until we walked into our room and saw our amazing view of an old farm with mountains as a backdrop. We slept with the window wide open and we could hear peeper frogs which reminded me of my room growing up, and then in the morning we heard Canadian geese which reminded me how much I hate Canadian geese.

Our trip was filled with all things baseball. We went to the Hall of Fame which is a really great museum. It has everything you could possibly want to know or see about baseball. Matt loved it. I think the highlight for him was seeing Kirby Pucket's inductee plaque. We also went to Doubleday Field to watch a few high school games. That's where the game was invented so you can imagine how cool it must be to play there. And we went to the batting cage. I watched Matt with awe as he fearlessly walked in to the 60 MPH cage and hit really well. I forced myself to go into the 40 MPH cage and was very surprised when the first pitch didn't kill me instantly. After that wore off I decided to swing and actually hit 8 out of the 10 pitches, which I had to talk about non-stop for the next 2 hours.

I think Matt really enjoyed his birthday present. I know I did!

Song of the Day

How about a baseball song!? Please enjoy Don Henley's Boys of Summer.

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