Wednesday, February 4, 2009

2/4/08 –SNUGGIES!

I, like you, used to turn my nose up at Snuggies. I thought they were ridiculous, useless, and, let’s be honest, a little trashy. But my life changed when I actually received a Snuggie as a gift.

It was originally intended as a gag gift. Matt had told me that his roommate’s girlfriend, Liz, whom I adore, had bought me a gift. I immediately panicked trying to figure out why she got me a gift and what the heck I should get her. Matt told me to relax and that it wasn’t that kind of a gift. Well, I almost choked on my tongue and fell over laughing when I got to Matt’s and Liz jumped out wearing her new Snuggie and handed me mine. But all laughing ceased when we realized how awesome Snuggies are! They are wicked warm and as, long as you stay away from open flames, super comfortable.

Liz and I spent the rest of the weekend doing everything in our Snuggies…watching TV, napping, reading, cooking and playing Rock Band. Liz was excited to report that when she got home the other night both of our boyfriends were wrapped in our Snuggies. They claimed the heat wasn’t working but we think they were jealous of all our Snuggie delights.

Me giving Liz a Snuggie thank you
Me demonstrating that there is no back in the Snuggie
Matt pretending to be Fezzik from The Princess Bride, while drinking Pellegrino

Well I'm sure you are dying to get your own Snuggie. They are available at Bed, Bath and Beyond for $14.99.

Today's song is Xavier Rudd's Messages. I'm surprised I've never used this song before because it is one of my favorite songs AND it is perfect for snuggling in a Snuggie!


  1. Thanks for playing Xavier Rudd. Someone introduced me to him a while back and I totally forgot about him. Now I may just go out and buy his music.

    Love the snuggle too.

  2. ooh i want i want!!!!
    SO funny, we were just talking about these at dinner the other night.
    p.s. fezzick. amazing.


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