Friday, February 13, 2009

2/13/09 - Killing for a Nap

Did you guys catch The Office last night? I would kill to be able to take a nap at work. I’m sure I would be 100% more productive if I could use my lunch break to catch a few z’s. I would scarf down my lunch in 5 minutes and then I would use the remaining 55 minutes to nap under my desk.

I’m all for vacation days but when I run my own company I’m going to get a little more creative. Women will be able to take off the first day of their period each month. And because I would be an equal opportunity employer, men could have one day a month to nurse a bad hang over or just bad indigestion.

Sweet Fast 2009: Day 43
7 hours, 36 minutes and counting until the greatest sugar rush of all time!

Here is a good Friday tune. Please enjoy Jason Mraz's Make It Mine. Have a great weekend!

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