Wednesday, February 18, 2009

2/18/09 - Typos

A few of you pointed out a typo in yesterday's post. I used the word "jeans" instead of "genes". I obviously know the difference between the two. I was pre-med for my first 3 weeks of college.

I've never been a great proofreader, although I am trying to get better. It is important for my job and for this blog. I've even read blogs on proofreading. The best advice I've found so far is to read your work backwards. Start with the last sentence, reading that forward, of course, and then work backwards. It has been very helpful, although it clearly has not cured me completely.

And thank you to those who did mention the typo to me. Having a typo in your blog is like having a booger in your nose or your dress tucked into your underwear. You want someone to tell you!

We heard this song last night at spinning. Pretty 80's and pretty fun. Please enjoy Aretha Franklin's Deeper Love.

1 comment:

  1. My friend is just starting a business called Book Oven. The Book Oven blog is public now. They plan on creating a tool that will do asynchronous proofreading where you don't read a whole thing from beginning to end. Like reading a story backwards as you mentioned, you don't read the story, you read bits.


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