Thursday, February 19, 2009

2/19/09 – Genius Journal

I'm pretty sure I'm a genius. And if I'm a genius, then you definitely are! YOU probably know the difference between jeans and genes. Anyway, the reason I think I'm a genius is that I have proof. I write all my great ideas down in what I like to call my Genius Journal. I carry my Genius Journal with me everywhere. It is always in my purse, goes with me to work and comes on every vacation. The only place my Genius Journal doesn't go is the gym, but I'm thinking of taking it to spinning. Although, I don't think the instructor will be impressed when I fall off the bike because I just had a great idea for a post.
I started using a Genius Journal when I was having trouble coming up with my Songs of the Day. It is hard thinking of upbeat songs, especially when I am not having an upbeat day (GASP! Yes, even Positively Anna has bad days). And I would get pissed because the night before I thought of 5 great songs or a friend would recommend a perfect one but when it came time to actually post a song, I couldn't remember a single one. Now whenever I think of a Song of the Day I immediately write it down. It also helps me keep track of what songs I've already used, which can be tricky when you have posted over 150 songs (please excuse me while I take a second to pat myself on the back).

I also write post ideas in my Genius Journal too. I'll make a quick note if I have a little idea that I think could have some legs or I will just write a whole post out. I wrote the post about my poor rat-tailed friend BJ (Rat-tail) while riding on the Chinatown Bus. But you don't need to be a blogger to use a Genius Journal.

My new favorite thing to use my journal for is for vacation packing lists. I'll start my packing list a few days before my trip. Too many times I've been riding on the subway and think that I need to remember my camera charger, or my neck pillow, or tweezers, and then I forget when I'm packing and I'm stuck on vacation with my camera being as useful as a paper weight, a sore neck and bushy eyebrows. Now as soon as I think of something I will need I immediately add it to my list in my Genius Journal, which I always have with me. SEE? I'm a genius! You may think I'm crazy, but writing out a packing list in your Genius Journal will ensure you never head off on vacation without packing any underwear again. (Oh come on! You know you have done it).

I promised Matt I would play Rock Band with him tonight. And this will be the song I'll choose to rock out to. Please enjoy the Dixie Chicks Let Er Rip.

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