Tuesday, February 24, 2009

2/24/09 - Oscar Party!

Well I survived hosting my first Oscar party. As I've mentioned the Academy Awards are my favorite night of television. I've been planning this party for months, stressing over the guest list, menu, decorations, etc. My goal was to get enough done in advance so that I could actually enjoy the show instead of hopping up every 10 seconds. And I did pretty well.
The menu consisted of a few staples, like dill bread dip, hummus and sausage stew. As well a few themed dishes.

Benjamin's Buttons - Crackers with goat cheese and dried cranberries. One of my favorite flavor combos. Try it!

Slumdog Samosas - I don't think I'm ready to open my own Indian restaurant but I was happy with the way these came out.

Red Carpet Cocktails and Cupcakes

While I LOVE the Academy Awards, they can get a little long, especially on a Sunday night. We had an Oscar poll which is always a lot of fun. And to add even more fun we played Oscar bingo. Guests placed their chips on boxes when a winner would cry or thank their parents or get played off by the orchestra.

Academy Award for Excellence in Oscar Bingo

I had a great time at the party. I hope my Oscar party will turn into an annual event.

Today's song is this years winner for best song, Jai Ho from Slumdog Millionaire. Every time I hear Jai Ho I immediately start clapping and bouncing up and down. GREAT SONG!

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  1. best oscar party I have ever been to...FOR SURE


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