Wednesday, January 7, 2009

1/7/09 - BLS

I went to the gym last night, NOT because I wanted to but out of fear of Biggest Loser Syndrome (BLS). While the American Medical Association has not recognized BLS as an actual disease, it affects millions of Americans every Tuesday from 8-10 pm. BLS is a combination of the extreme guilt and laziness you feel while watching the Biggest Loser if you have not been exercising. I love the Biggest Loser! It is the only prime time reality TV I watch, well that and Mama’s Boys (KIDDING!). It is great to see people turn their lives around and it is amazing to see what the human body is capable of. I recommend this show to anyone who is interested in a little unadulterated inspiration. But I warn you, work out before the show or at least eat a salad while watching. That is the only way to avoid BLS. I’ve experienced BLS many times…no fun.

Sweet Fast 2009: Day 7
Almost a full week! My friend Jess pointed out that I am at an advantage because I live in New York. She explained that there is no risk of any friendly neighbors leaving me homemade cookies. True! They may blast their techno until 3 AM, but there is no chance of homemade cookies.

The East Coast is being assaulted with some nasty weather. Here is a little tune to warm you up. Please enjoy John Legend’s Refuge (When It’s Cold Outside).

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  1. oh my gosh!! I LOOOOOOVE the biggest loser and so does John!! We watch it together every Tuesday night!! It is that and LOST for me. If we ever end up back in NY/NJ-we are having biggest loser dates. NO QUESTION!


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