Friday, January 23, 2009

1/23/08 - Winter Antique Show

Matt and I went to the Winter Antique Show. We saw a few celebrities. We saw Mayor Bloomberg. He was shorter than I expected. Don't worry I didn't shout "Bloomberg! You are shorter than I expected!". We saw Martha Stewart too, but she really isn't the kind of celebrity you want to shout at.

The event was very cool. One of my favorite sections was the rare books. There were all these first additions of amazing books like Anne Frank's Diary and The Velveteen Rabbit. I like to think about the people that must have bought those books when they first came out. Maybe they just picked them up on a whim or a friend recommended them and then they got to read one of the most amazing stories of all time. Very cool.

The event was also a great people watching opportunity. Lots of little old ladies in Chanel suits. And tons of fur! There was one women who had a wrap made out of a fox and it still had the head and the feet. If I go next year I'm going to wear a broach made of gerbil. Well I don't "do" fur so I'll have a faux gerbil broach.

I heard Annie Lennox's Broken Glass as I was leaving the office tonight. Such a fun song!

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