Wednesday, January 28, 2009

1/28/08 - All Hail Those Who Escape The Elements

I was thinking of titling this post “Wintery Mixes Suck Ass” but Matt came up with the other title and it is much more positive. On days like this I find it hard to come up with cheery things to say.

My mother is one of those incredibly smart people who has set up her life to enjoy nice weather almost all the time. She spends the warmer months in New Hampshire and in the winter she heads to Mexico. I realize her life is not always peaches and cream down there but I think anything is peachier and creamier when there is never a chance of wintery mix. My mom is a talented painter and looking at her work on days like these makes me curse Mother Nature. And now you can too :)

Sweet Fast 2009: Day 28

28 days without sweets and I would sell my left arm for a Snickers.

I haven't played a country song in a while and in an effort to focus on warmer days to come, I've chosen Kenny Chesney's Summertime. Enjoy!

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