Monday, February 14, 2011

Top Favorite Couples

We are all thinking about love today and I compiled a list of couples who's love has entertained or inspired me.

10. Ross and Rachel - I remember screaming then promptly calling my friend Megan when Ross and Rachel kissed outside Central Perk.

9. Paul and Linda McCartney - I heard once that in their 29 years of marriage they only spent one night apart.  I think that is so romantic.

8. Allie and Noah -  I asked my book club for their favorite romantic book and they hands down chose The Notebook.  I'm sure lots of you will agree.

7. King George VI and Queen Elizabeth - I don't know much about them in real life, but in The King's Speech they were portrayed as a loving couple, who supported each other and were always on the same team.

6. Liz and Kyle - Our wonderful friends got engaged this past year.  Kyle had a custom book made that had a hole cut out inside where he placed the ring.  Goes to show you can't judge a book by the cover...GET IT!

5. Ina and Jeffrey Garten - The only things better on Barefoot Contessa than Ina's scrumptious dishes, is the beyond adorable puppy love between Ina and Jeffrey.

4. Pam and Jim - I often joke saying the only relationship I'm more invested in than me and Matt is Pam and Jim.

3. Elizabeth Bennit and Mr Darcy - Their love story, chronicled in Jane Austin's Pride and Prejudice, melts me every time.

2. Captain Corelli and Pelagia - They are the couple in my favorite book, Corelli's Mandolin.  Their relationship is riddled and blessed with war, music, Greece, Nazis and a love that lasts decades...doesn't get any better than that.

1. Matt's Grandparents - Matt's grandparents have been together 60 years.  There incredible marriage has produced 8 children, 18 grandchildren, and 2 great grandchildren (and another on the way).  They have set a wonderful example for all of them and me, showing us that hard work, kindness and a whole lot of fun are keys to a long successful relationship.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Song of the Day
Today's song is Captain and Tennille's Love Will Keep Us Together.


  1. So very creative lady! Love it. And I want to check out your favorite book!

  2. Awww....thanks, Anna. Next year we're aiming to supplant some fictional couples that placed higher than us.

    Also - thanks for using such a flattering picture. MY HEAD LOOKS HUGE.

  3. agreed, i definitely will put your book on my reading list now!


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