Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Indulging Your Inner Nag

You know who I would most like to bitch slap?  That little nagging voice in my head.  It is always on my case.  "You aren't going to have a salad for lunch? You aren't going to send a birthday card?  You aren't going to get up early and go to the gym?"  Enough already!  I'm not perfect and that voice reminds me every chance it gets.  But here is the thing about that little voice.  It is kind of like your mother when you are a know it is right but it kills you to admit it.

Yesterday my nagging voice was in hyper drive and it was driving me bonkers.  So I decided to indulged it.  Everything it wanted, it got.  At lunch I was jonesing for some pizza but the voice was in the mood for salad.  So we had salad.  In the afternoon I didn't feel like running errands in the cold, but the little voice insisted that we needed mouth wash.  So now we have mouth wash.  Did I enjoy the salad or the errand.  Nope!  But the funny thing about the little voice is that when you give it what it wants, it shuts up.  And the peace I received was fabulous.  A good name for my little voice would be "Right."  It always wants what is healthier or smarter or always wants the right thing.

After spending yesterday indulging my inner voice, I found that it is not so demanding today.  I had pizza for dinner and no one had anything to say about it.

Song of the Day
We haven't had any Madonna lately here on Positively Anna.  Please enjoy Border Line.


  1. You are a very funny person. Liked the part about the mom. Where's the thingies that let me share this on Facebook or Twitter?

  2. Good question! I'll look into adding that feature this weekend. There is a link to this post on the Positively Anna Facebook page. You are welcome to "like" it from there.


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