Thursday, September 24, 2009


A weekly conversation between me and Matt:
Me: Can we get a dog?
Matt: No
Matt: No
Me: You are the meanest boyfriend ever
And then we go back to cuddling.

I really do want a dog but I know we don't have the time or space for one (Me: Would a dog reeeeally need that much time and space? Matt: Yes!).

Matt is right but what doesn't help the situation is that right now EVERYONE I know is getting a dog (Matt: Everyone you know? Me: Yes!...Ok, well 4.)
Remember that attractive engaged couple whose party we just went to? Well, Becca and Eric just adopted Hudson. Too cute! He's from the Oregon Humane Society.

My stepsister, Holly, and her boyfriend adopted a dog and she never even liked dogs! Now look how happy she is! This is Maebe.

And my mom just got a dog too! She adopted a stray she saw on the street. Don't worry, they have been to vet and the dog is clean and healthy. Meet Lulu!
And I would love to give you an update on Paxton, another adopted pooch. He, Kelly and Ben are all living happily together!

I had the best dog in the world growing up, Arlo, an Australian Shepard. I know how much time and efforts dogs need. And I don't want to get one until we are ready to give our pet everything it deserves. But, I'm jealous, okay!? But one thing I do know, when we are ready, there are still going to be plenty of cute dogs out there to adopt.
Song of the Day
Today's song is Carrie Underwood's The More Boys I Meet (The More I Love My Dog). Ha!


  1. Hey, Anna, I think it is a developmental step to get a dog....Garrett and Heidi just got one, too (a yellow lab named Honey)! It makes sense to me that you want one, and makes sense to me that Matt does not, but I'll bet he will sometime soon!

  2. Hi Joni! You are right. I think I'm a dog dreamer and Matt is a dog realist. Someday we will meet in the middle.

  3. Aww what cute dogs! That is great the Becca and Eric got one! And lulu is so precious! Thanks for adding Paxton - we love him very much (especially since he finally turned 1 and calmed the hell down :) haha


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