Monday, September 21, 2009

The Sundays

I assume I used to get crabby and tense on Sundays, but until I met Matt I didn't have a word for it. He calls it "The Sundays" and he suffers from it too. Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest but we usually spend it a little pissed and antsy.

Diagnosing the Sundays is easy: you are not looking forward to the upcoming work week and you feel like the weekend went by too fast. The cure is much more difficult. Matt and I have found that a little alone time is good. Last night he hung pictures on the wall and I baked cookies. Every once in awhile we would leave our separate corners, give a quick kiss and say, "Sorry, I just have the Sundays."

How do you combat the Sundays? Go to a movie? Go for a run? Just decide to call in sick on Monday?

Song of the Day
Maybe you combat the Sundays by Groovin'. Please enjoy The Young Rascals.

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