Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Living in Sin...

And loving every minute of it! It is like having a great roommate that you can kiss!

As you know, I'm prone to excited fits of shouting (here and here). Think less turrets and more hardcore energetic spaz. So this week has been filled with "OH! I just love this apartment!" "OH! I just love this new bookshelf!", "OH! I just love living with you!" and Matt's personal favorite "OH! I just love the light in the bathroom!", which I have probably said about five times but I really dooo love the light in the bathroom.

Song of the Day
My new apartment makes me want to shout! LITERALLY throw my hands up and shout! Today's song is You Make Me Wanna Shout which reminds me that I need to add Animal House to my Netflix list.


  1. Love the title and love the post! Glad you're enjoying it. Isn't it fun?

  2. I want to seeeeeee it!!!


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