Tuesday, September 8, 2009

School Sick

Am I the only one feeling a little school sick these days? I MISS COLLEGE! It hits me every year but this year it's particularly bad because we just moved near NYU and the air is ripe with incoming freshman (Yikes! I sound like a pervy frat boy). But even if you aren't a sexual predator, you can pick out a new college student a mile away. The giveaways: The stressed out mom heartbroken about losing her baby and pissed she can't find the right sheets to fit the dorm mattresses; the father who is beyond exhausted from packing and unpacking minifridges and plastic containers; the bored siblings who thought the trip would be fun but are quickly finding out it sucks; and most importantly, the freaked-out and excited (but mostly freaked) freshmen.

I just want to shake these freshmen and ask if they even knooooow what is about to happen to them! They are going to be independent and challenged and get to experiment with theories, and booze, and love. And most importantly, they are going to meet incredible people and make some of the most valuable friends of their lives.

I'm so jealous, You lucky bastards!

Song of the Day
Here is a fun tune that came out my freshman year. Please enjoy Outkast's Miss Jackson.


  1. I've been out of college for over 4 years, and I still miss it (not the dorm living though.) As a word of caution, don't ever think grad school will fill that hole in your heart. Grad school sucks! :-P

  2. I definitely feel it! I am surrounded by it!! One of the reasons I love my job!


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