Monday, September 14, 2009


I spent the weekend in Delaware helping some dear friends celebrate their engagement. A great party, with wonderful friends and gracious hosts. The weekend started off as I have found many good weekends to, with a ridiculous rental car. Seven us piled into a big white Chrysler minivan with Hawaiian plates. ALOHA!

Surprisingly enough this is not the "sweetest" rental car I've ever had. This past spring Matt and I were given a shimmering blue PT Cruiser. But by far, the best rental car I have ever had was a light purple Mustang convertible! Jealous!? Matt had to peel me out of that car. I loved that ridiculous thing.
What is the best/worst car you have ever driven?

Song of the Day
You know what makes a good song sounds even better? Hearing it with the top down in a light purple Mustang convertible! Matt and I turned more than a few heads when we screamed this song driving that awesome car through Lancaster, PA.

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