Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tastes Better When Made Together

Matt and I are trying to cook together more often.  It is a nice way to spend time with each other, and I swear the food actually tastes better when we have both contributed.  This new endeavor is a little tricky because Matt doesn't cook very often and I've been known to be less than pleasant in the kitchen.  But we are both trying and last night we had great success.

We whipped up Ina Garten's Spring Green Risotto.  And like always, Ina did not disappoint.  It tastes like spring.  This is also a great dish to prepare with someone else.  It is a simple recipe but it takes a while...plenty for everyone to do.

This picture is from Bon Appetit.  The picture on Food Network does not do the dish justice.

Do you have a special dish you like to make with a special person?

Song of the Day
Today's song is Jack Johnson's Better When We're Together.

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