Friday, June 3, 2011

Office Overhaul

Looking to improve your workspace?  Here are three great products that will make being at work more enjoyable and may even help you lose weight.

Treadmill Desk:  Who wants to sit all day?  Not me.  Now you can power walk and check your email at the same time! Move over printing press and combustion engine...the treadmill desk has risen to the top of the best inventions list.

Hawaii Chair:  We are all in search of a flatter tummy.  The seat of the Hawaii Chair swivels helping you get flatter abs, without interrupting your busy work day.  Ellen proves how productive you can be with this amazing chair.

Ostrich Desk Pillow:  You will probably need a little break after spending your work day jogging and hulaing.  Take a quick nap and block out annoying co-workers with the Ostrich.

Song of the Day
Today's song is Huey Lewis and News' Workin' for a Living.

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