Friday, August 21, 2009

A Few Things To Look Forward To

As it is officially late August, I know I'm not the only one who feels that summer went by too quickly. Judging by the slew of Back to School promotion, fall must be just around the corner. And while I'll mourn the loss of beach weather as much as the rest of you, there is one thing I'm look forward to.... the FALL TV SCHEDULE. I'm done with all this rerun crap. Bring on the new seasons! Here is what shows will be rotting my brain in the upcoming months:

  • Top Chef (Started Wednesday!)
  • Project Runway (Started last night!)
  • So You Think You Can Dance Season 6 (Me: So You Think You Can Dance is starting September 9th! Matt: groan Didn't that just end? Me: Babe, that is how I feel about hockey Matt: Touche)
  • The Office (September 17th)
  • 30 Rock (October 15th)
  • Glee (September 9th)
  • And what I am most excited for...wait for it....wait for it...BIGGEST LOSER (September 15th)

What are you excited about? Are there other awesome shows starting that I don't know about!?
Song of the Day
Here is a fun new song from Mika. Enjoy We Are Golden.


  1. YEEEEES, love the fall line up!

  2. We are destined to be TV friends. Seriously. Am so glad Project Runway is on again! Thanks for the premiere dates.

  3. LOOOOOOOVE Biggest Loser!


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