Monday, July 20, 2009

Not As Good As I Thought I Was

I used to think I was good at keeping in touch. I used to pride myself in it actually. But I recently looked at my email and my Facebook I realized that that pat on the back was not deserved. I should be giving myself a slap on the wrist!

When we were younger it was easier. In high school you saw most of your friends every day and staying in touch with the few had who had moved was manageable. In college it was harder but lots of people were on IM and you had your vacations to catch up. But now we are grownups and everyone is all over the place! You have to combat peoples’ busy schedules, time changes, last name changes, email changes and a million other things! But every relationship takes work. And good friendships are certainly worth it.

So I’m using this Monday as an opportunity to get back to keeping in touch! Each day this week I’m going email, message or call an old friend. Are you up for this challenge too?

Song of the Day
Today's song is Jo Dee Messina's I'm Alright which is about catching up with an old friend.

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