Thursday, July 16, 2009

A French Hotdog

I went to France in high school and I considerate that trip a defining moment in my life, but I will talk more about that some other time. That trip was filled with more wonders than my young brain could wrap itself around, but what it wasn't filled with, unfortunately, was good food. Gasp! I know! This is not an insult to French cuisine, but rather a criticism of our tour company. Our large tour group was made to eat at all sorts of sub-par restaurants. In one place (I'm chuckling remembering this) we were seated on the third floor, which was clearly predominantly used as storage space. The ceiling sloped so steeply that I was forced to sit leaning forward at a 45 degree angle with my chest pressed against my plate. All this could have been forgiven for a delectable, traditional French dinner but we were served a wilting salad with a mystery meat and a crepe that looked and tasted like a piece of a paper shopping bag.

BUT there was one shining light in my culinary experience in France. Something so simple that I know sounds silly that I still pine for it. In Paris they have street vendors all over that sell ham and cheese sandwiches. They are served on long, crispy baguettes. And that is it! No dressings or spreads. So simple but SO good. They are about a foot long and are wrapped in a bit of butchers paper. And you just walk around Paris munching these sandwiches enjoying the city.

The idea of these sandwiches with the simplicity and the street vendors is similar to the way hot dogs are sold in the US. Now I don't mean to seem unpatriotic because I love a good hot dog just as much as the next American gal but I would trade a Fenway Frank for one of those French ham and cheese sandwiches any day. I try to recreate them but I can never get the taste and the feeling quite right. But maybe I'm giving the sandwich alone too much credit. Maybe part of the magic lied in being young and experiencing Paris for the first time. Hmm guess I should go back and find out ;)
An attempt at the French hotdog (I find wine helps most attempts)

Song of the Day
Today's song is Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat's Lucky which I think is a very sweet song.


  1. I find wine helps mostly everything :)

  2. Great song choice - Ben and I sing this one in the car all of the time. We need to find it on karaoke - hmm..... haha

  3. Just came across your blog. I went to Paris on vacation in January. From a street vendor in front of the Louvre we got the best hot dog we've ever tasted, in a baguette with a melted cheese ontop.

    Tonight, I'm trying to recreate it. Bought the ingredients, the "supposed" cheese according to the internet, and a bottle of wine.

    I think, it helps :)


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