Tuesday, November 25, 2008

11/25/08 - The Power of Granola

My friend has a great blog called Lick My Spoon (find the link on My Blog List). She is passionate about food and is able to make recipes for seemingly difficult and extravagant dishes clear and easy to follow. She posted a recipe for homemade granola on 11/14 and I tried it last night. It came out great (tooting my friend’s horn, not my own) and I had a wonderful time making it. I have always enjoyed cooking but I often find it stressful; making sure you have all the ingredients, trying to get everything to come out at the same time, etc. But I found making the granola very relaxing. All the ingredients smell amazing and you have to mix them together slowly. As I was carefully kneading the warm ingredients with my hands I was trying to figure out why I was enjoying it so much and I realized I never do anything slowly any more. I type, run, talk and even change the channels as fast as I can. I think we all do these days. With the priority we have put on speed I think we have lost sight of the pleasure that comes from taking our time. Things get crazy around the holidays, so I suggest taking the time to try this granola recipe. It will relax you and it makes a POSITIVELY wonderful gift.

While my post is about relaxing and taking your time, I have been thinking about a song with a little kick for today. Please rock out to Black Betty.

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