Tuesday, November 18, 2008

11/18/08 - Crazy Scots

Today's song is The Proclaimers' "I'm Going To Be". While this song may remind you of the movie Benny & June, where we all first started to fall for Johnny Depp, it will always remind me of when I lived in Scotland. The Proclaimers are Scottish brothers who are not only celebrated as rockstars but as symbols of Scottish independence. Without fail, every night in every bar across Scotland they will blast "I'm Going To Be". And everyone goes crazy! It is great! Think of your favorite "chill" bar (To qualify as "chill" a bar cannot include any of the following: a line, velvet ropes, table service, snobby bouncers or even snobbier bartenders). Now imagine that they can some how play Livin' On a Prayer, Sweet Caroline, and Don't Stop Believing all at once. You know everyone in the bar would go nuts! This is what it is like in Scotland every night. "I"m Going To Be" comes on and everyone stands up, sings as loud as they can, cheers and hug strangers. It is amazing and very contagious.

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