Thursday, November 20, 2008

11/20/08 - No Cable!!!

Our cable went out last night! It was horrible! It was torture! Actually it wasn’t that bad. Once my roommate and I decided not to pay our neighbors (neighbors in New York = people you have never met or even seen) $1,000 to let us watch their TV, we resolved to have a good night anyway. I made a big dinner, my boyfriend brought some wine and we all just talked! I felt like I was in a college dorm (in a good way). Now I don’t want you to thinking that all I ever do is watch TV and don’t talk to my friends, but when you live in a one bedroom apartment that has some how been converted into a 3 bedroom apartment you just don’t have a table and the only place to eat is in front of the TV. So if you don’t have a table like me or just choose not to use it, try not turning on the TV every once and while. You will POSITIVELY enjoy your meal and your company more.

Today’s song is Jean Knight’s Mr. Big Stuff. Have a great day!

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