Tuesday, January 31, 2012

TED Tuesdays: The Best Stats You've Ever Seen

I had the NewsHour on in the background as I was preparing dinner last night (Man, I'm turning into my parents). The show had very little of my attention, until a voice cut through the clutter of the negative campaigning currently going on in Florida. I voice that was fast, upbeat, and energetic. I turned to the TV to see a segment on Hans Rosling. Rosling is a statistician who has developed a method and software for explaining the world's economic and health situations. Sounds like a real hoot, don't it? But it is actually very interesting and very accesible, which is Rosling's goal.

Check out his TED Talk. I promise you will entertained and enlightened.

Song of the Day

Please enjoy the B52's "Roam."

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