Monday, August 27, 2012

A Red Red Weekend

I had a very red weekend. Red seemed to be everywhere, being beautiful, tasty, and whimsical.

We went to the Union Square Farmers' Market on Saturday, or should I say the Union Square Tomato Market (Ha! Nice one!). Every stand was brimming with tomatoes in every shape and color. We scooped a bunch of juicy plum (pictured above) and San Marzano tomatoes.

Being that it was the height of the tomato season, and we weren't hungover, we decided to tackle the Scarpetta Spaghetti recipe on Saturday. This dish requires a few helpers (lots of peeling and crushing) so we had a bit of a spaghetti-making party. I know being invited to a dinner party and being forced to peel tomatoes isn't the ideal evening for any New Yorker, but this sauce is so damn good everyone was happy to pitch in, plus there was booze. You have to try it! Get your localvoring ass to the nearest farmers' market, pick up some lovely tomatoes, call some friends, get them drunk, and get cooking! Here is the recipe.

On Sunday, Matt and I headed towards the Hudson for a little picnic. One of the piers that has been turned into a park was sporting some new, Mario Brothers-inspired sculptures (pictured above). Yayoi Kusama created the installation, called Guidepost to the New Space. I was enjoying the piece until I saw the signs that warned not to "climb, sit, or play on them." Hmmm...interesting putting them in a place where people go to climb, sit, AND play. Come on Yoyoi! What are you new!?

So what color was your weekend?


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