Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Shaking My Fist

I was tricked, I tell you! Tricked! I’ve been shaking my fist at my friend Becca ever since we got accepted into the New York City Half Marathon. A while back I said that if she wanted to do a half marathon I would join. But that is the kind of crap we all say to each other...I didn’t think it would actually happen!

At the beginning of December, Becca IM’ed me in a panic saying that the registration for the race had just opened, and we had to sign up NOW or we wouldn’t get in. I’m always happy to get worked up into someone else’s frenzy so I signed up immediately without looking at the details of the race. Once I had submitted my information I looked took a deeper look. WHAT!? The race is on March 18th!? (the fist shaking started here) That means we will be training outside throughout January and February. I’m a bigger fan of colonoscopies than I am of running outside in the winter.

Ok ok, lets all take a deep breath. Maybe it will be fun. Maybe running in 10 degree weather along the Hudson with my lips chapping and snot steaming across my cheek will be enjoyable. But all joking (and most bitching aside), this run will be a great challenge for me. Running a half marathon is on my Life List, and I want to trim down for the wedding.

Becca, someday soon I’ll stop shaking my fist and join you for a run. And maybe, MAYBE, after the race is over, and I’ve stood up from the fetal position I plan to take at the finish line, I’ll thank you. 

Song of the Day
Please enjoy Cake's "Going the Distance."

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  1. Well..I guess sometimes it's good to jump into life with both feet. Good luck! I have no doubt you will feel amazing to have done it, and you're in it now. You know that. This is your race now.


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